WEARX designs and brands and products are manufactured in our own facilities located in Australia.
This ensures greater project and quality control, and assures projects will be delivered on time.

Additionally, WEARX has one of the largest and most qualified rubber lining teams in Australia based at our facilities, both at head office and around Australia. We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing our own custom designs and patented products to meet client specific needs.


Our team of qualified boilermakers, welders and machinists create mining equipment from raw materials using engineering designs.

Examples of fabricated items include the following:

  • Transfer chutes
  • Skips, feeders, bins, hoppers and tubs
  • Conveyor skirting systems
  • Pipes and spools

At our Ballina-based foundry we create quality castings in a vast range of alloy specifications to meet specific application requirements.

We offer quality iron and steel castings from 1kg to 1 tonne. This flexibility allows our team to create prototypes for research and development and supply high volume quantities to meet site requirements. 

Our foundry uses the following technology:

  • Spectrometer analysis
  • Micrographic examination
  • Ultrasonics (non-destructive testing)
  • Pattern making
Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coating

Abrasive blasting removes corrosion and prepares surfaces for protective coatings. Our mobile and in-house services are capable of any abrasive blasting large and small.

Our industrial painters apply the highest quality coatings to protect assets from any operational environment.

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