Design & Engineering

WEARX has an in-house design and engineering team comprised of qualified and experienced design draftspersons and certified engineers.

Our team design and engineering teams construct and develop unique mining solutions from the initial concept stage to completed projects and manufacturing. Additionally, our team can make modifications to existing designs and work in consultation with our clients through site visits to deliver successful projects and overall results.

Our design and engineering capabilities include the following:

Application Audit & Product Recommendation

Our team visit site and perform an application audit to collect data on ore lump size, drop height, impact angles, flow rates, current wear material and design, costs and maintenance schedules. 

Following detailed application analysis, material selections can be made to establish a wear system that will meet wear life and cost parameters of the maintenance team.

Concept & Design Development

Our team work with our clients through consultation, meetings and site visit to develop a solution that will deliver the necessary results. Our team manage this process from the initial concept stage through to implementation of a new design.

DEM Simulation & Physical Modelling

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) provides a real world simulation and accurate results that can be used with confidence to validate new designs and check the performance of proposed modifications. Physical modelling allows for further testing and validation to ensure all solutions perform to the required standard.


WEARX provides Engineering Certification for all products and designs. This is achieved through in-house FEA (finite element analysis) and by utilising industry leading specialists for project specific requirements.

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