Congratulations to WEARX for achieving an OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety standard!

So, what does this standards certification mean for WEARX?

Effectively, this standard helps WEARX to better identify and define Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), control risks from both normal operations and unusual situations, better control hazards, align with legal and regulatory compliance and more.

Essentially the OHSAS 18001:2007 provides a universal system for WEARX to manage hazards and further cement our already existing culture of avoiding potential hazards, as well as creating more tangible operational controls to combat future hazards.

How will a system help?

Through engaging in a more formal WHS system, WEARX can be proactive about protecting our workforce through utilising this new framework


Through utilising this new framework, this allows WEARX to focus on two specific activities; continual improvement and regulatory compliance, giving WEARX sound WHS performance.

How is this beneficial to me as a customer?

This new standards certification is as much an achievement for WEARX as it is for you, our customer, for a few key reasons.

A Cornerstone Made of Safety
While many companies may talk about safety being a priority, WEARX now has the evidence to prove it. Through participating in the Bureau Veritas certification process for the OHSAS 18001:2007, WEARX has proven to hold an occupational health and safety process worthy of documentation and certification, that doesn’t cut corners but holds health and safety as an operational priority.


WEARX is continually developing and improving.
This new certification is evidence that WEARX is always striving to better our processes. Whether it be developing and implementing a quality management system (click here to find out more about our ISO9001 accreditation) or implementing a rigid health and safety certification, WEARX maintains a desire to grow and better the way we perform business for you.

Safety Regulations = Legal Compliance
This WHS certification not only demonstrates WEARX’s safety philosophy, but it also illustrates our commitment to comply with the Australian legal requirements. Whilst obtaining an OHSAS 18001:2007 certification is not necessarily a legal requirement in Australia, having a safe workplace is. WEARX can now tangibly show we have the evidence to demonstrate both a safe workplace and the legal requirements surrounding.


Through WEARX completing the necessary requirements to obtain a WHS certification, customers can be rest assured that WEARX won’t just continue to provide a wear management solution for mines, WEARX will provide the solution, and provide it safely.