WEARBACK® is a linerless chute designed to

  • Control material flow
  • Protect the chute surface
  • Eliminate costly liner maintenance
  • Protect outgoing conveyor belts

The WEARBACK® is designed with a series of ledges allowing material to build up throughout the transfer forming a layer of material as the wear medium.

The ‘rock-on-rock’ design increases wear-life on average by up to 400% more than conventionally lined chutes.

Soft loading to the outgoing conveyor is achieved by delivering material at velocities that closely match the conveyor speed.

Softer delivery to the conveyor minimises top cover wear and reduces the risk of impact damage to the belt.


Case Study






LOCATION: Port Hedland, WA

CLIENT: Karara Mining Limited



  • The chute internals had been worn completely out to parent metal to almost near destruction.
  • Multiple ‘band aid’ repairs were applied to make the chute last to the scheduled 12-24 maintenance window.
  • The fixed shelf liner design limited the amount of maintenance that could be performed in a 12-24 hour shutdown as most of this time was spent cleaning and repairing each shelf.


  • WEARX installed cast white iron ledge liners to prefabricated overlay shelves to speed up the installation process. 
  • 25mm steel liners were replaced with 50mm cast white iron ledge liners to increase liner life.
  • WEARX manufactured the liners with a wear indicator to provide site with a visual guide as to when the liners will need replacing.
  • Cast ledge liners installed were much smaller than the original steel liners. As a result, the chute no longer needed a complete shelf clean out and optimal use of maintenance windows was achieved.