Location: Cape Lambert, Western Australia

Material Handled: Iron Ore

Handling System: Conveyor

Handling Rate: 4000 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


The skirting system installed on a yard conveyor at an iron ore port in the Pilbara was difficult to maintain.

The transfer was upgraded to include a second discharge from a new incoming conveyor which led to the installation of additional supporting steelwork making access to the skirt liners almost impossible.

This significantly increased the risk of manual handling injuries as the only way to replace liners was to lie on the belt and lower oneself into the transfer from the end of the skirting dragging the replacement parts into the transfer.


WEARX designed and installed the WAMSKIRT® system - an externally maintainable skirting system. This eliminated the need to access the inside of the transfer and the risks associated with manual handling maintenance activities.

The WAMSKIRT® system incorporates a removable module which allows every second liner to be removed leaving sufficient space to carry out maintenance on the remaining fixed liners.

All maintainable components on the system weigh less than 20kg for ease of handling.

A double urethane seal arrangement ensures all dust is captured.

The lower liner is designed to help push material away from the skirt wall to reduce spillage and eliminate any reliance on the dust seal for retention of material.