WAMSKIRT® System Eliminates Confined Space Entry

Location: Paraburdoo, Western Australia

Material Handled: Iron Ore

Handling System: Conveyor

Handling Rate: 4000 Tonnes Per Hour (TPH)


An iron ore mine in the Pilbara had a solid wall skirting system installed on conveyors in the screen house which created the following challenges:

  • 32kg hard-to-handle liners and a basic sealing arrangement which was difficult to adjust
  • Confined space permits needed for maintenance
  • Skirting maintenance and adjustments were not carried out regularly as a result of the difficulty of working around above screen maintenance causing significant belt wear and spillage
  • Manual handling risks were high as the only method to replace liners was to crawl along the conveyor belt while dragging the 32kg liner.


WEARX designed and installed the WAMSKIRT® system - an externally maintainable skirting system. This eliminated confined space requirements for mine personnel and removed the need to interfere with the screen maintenance above.

The WAMSKIRT® system incorporates a removable module which allows every second liner to be removed leaving sufficient space to carry out maintenance on the remaining fixed liners.

  • All maintainable components on the system weigh less than 20kg for ease of handling.
  • A double urethane seal arrangement ensures all dust is captured.
  • The lower liner is designed to help push material away from the skirt wall to reduce spillage and eliminate any reliance on the dust seal for retention of material.