Tripper Chute Liner Redesign

Location: Paraburdoo, Western Australia

Material Handled: Gold/Copper

Handling System: Conveyor

Handling Rate: 7000 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


A tripper chute lining system in the Pilbara was failing prematurely due to the joint washout associated with the brick pattern lining system.

The fine material would run down the straight joints of the brick pattern and scour the liner below. Once the liner reached a thickness of approximately 15mm in the scoured area, the liner would crack and fail leading to exposed chute parent metal and ultimately holes in the chute if the failure was not identified early. This problem also lead to poor liner utilisation with some liners being removed and disposed of with only 50% wear.

  • Preferential wear through liner joints
  • Poor liner utilisation
  • Difficult to forecast replacement


WEARX redesigned the lining system to incorporate the patented GRIDLOCK® liner joint which retains fine material in the joints and eliminates the wash traditionally experienced with brick pattern systems.

The GRIDLOCK® liners significantly reduced the preferential wear across the lining system and allowed for full liner utilisation with all liners wearing to their remove thickness of 15mm.

The GRIDLOCK® system also protected the chute by eliminating the holing as the liners would be replaced prior to failure.

  • Minimal preferential wear
  • Full liner utilisation
  • Easy to forecast replacement (consistent wear rates)