Refurbished Tech Taylor Valves

Tech Taylor valves are an essential element of the material handling process ensuring standby pumps can isolate, work simultaneously and discharge effectively and efficiently.

Wear Challenges

Tech Taylor Valves experience high wear abrasion and erosion caused by handling harsh abrasive materials in the material handling process. This abrasion often causes holing in the Tech Taylor Valve’s lining, damage to parent metal including the flange and puts material processing operations at risk of failure.

High Wear Example

See below discharge end of valve showing extensive damage to the body and flange. This is due to turbulence and inadequate wear material in a high wear area.

WEARX Solution

WEARX’s rubber lining solutions ensure mining operations receive the maximum wear life and performance possible from each Refurbished Tech Taylor Valve on site.

Over fifteen years our team have perfected the process of inspecting each Tech Taylor Valve and its operational environment and sourcing the optimal wear solution.

This commonly involves lining each Tech Taylor Valve with various types and thicknesses of high-abrasion resistant rubber bonded to the inside with high-performing adhesives.

WEARX have developed a specific modification to the body of the valve to allow for improved flows and extra wear materials in the high wear areas.