WEARX specialise in the improvement, maintenance and optimisation of tank linings used in mineral processing.

Our wide ranging capabilities, experience and highly qualified personnel allow us to improve tanks of any size and complexity. We have extensive experience in relining and repairing tanks to the highest quality standards under difficult conditions to adhere to tight deadlines (mainly consisting of shutdowns).

Our team inspect each tank to understand the application and wear materials needed to produce the best result. After inspection, our team develop lining system improvements that will outperform current materials used. Some of these lining materials include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cold glue bonded rubber lining
  • Autoclave hot vulcanised rubber lining
  • Ceramic lining
  • Urethane linings

Our Difference

Lining Removal

Skilled WEARX operators remove rubber and polyurethane linings with ultra-high pressure (UHP) water blasting equipment. Where UHP equipment use is not suitable, WEARX personnel have developed techniques to quickly and efficiently strip linings by hand.

Cost-Saving Lining Options

In many cases flotation cells do not require to be fully relined. WEARX personnel can identify which areas need relining during the initial audit.

The most common solution is to reline the floor and walls of a cell and stopping at the highest vertical point before the cell starts to taper into the cone.

Our personnel often find that issues only occur at the bottom half on the cells. A popular method of repair is to only reline the floor and 3 meters up the wall

Rubber Material Options

After inspection our team recommend the appropriate materials required to deliver extended wear rates for the specific floatation needs.

We are not locked into one rubber supplier but instead have the flexibility to offer the best product to suit the operational needs.

Number 1 Reason for Tank Lining Failure & How to Overcome This

We have found that the number one reason for floatation lining failure is the installation of the incorrect lining. This causes a chemical attack on natural rubbers and urethanes causing an ‘osmosis’ effect leading to gummy soft rubber or water inclusions causing extensive bubbling urethanes.

Our selection of the correct lining materials for each operation and our stringent quality management system ensures tanks see many years of service – in some cases up to 20 years.

Case Study Examples - Float Cells

WEARX has a team of skilled tradespersons dedicated to the stripping and relining of tanks on site.

Our advantage is our ability to

  • Strip and reline large quantities of floatation cells in short planned outages
  • Deliver high quality workmanship
  • Provide highly skilled and experienced trades personnel

Cadia Valley Operations

Full strip and reline of 17 x 18 x 65 float cells using 6mm Remaline 40

Completed on time, incident free during a 1 day planned outage

This included the replacement of the 10mm mild steel floor in 1 float cell.

Telfer Gold Operations

Stage 1

Full strip and reline 4 x 8 x 6 float cell using 6mm Remaline 40 as well as patch repairs required to 8 other float cells.

This was completed in a 6 day planned outage.

Stage 2

Full strip and reline 4 x 8 x 6 float cells using 6mm Remaline 40 as well as patch repairs as required to 13 other float cells.

This was completed in a 6 day planned outage.