Stacker Chute Replacement

Location: Orange, NSW

Material Handled: Gold

Handling System: Stockpile

Handling Rate: 950 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


The coarse ore stacker at a gold mine was experiencing off-centre loading when dumping material to the mullock stockpile.

The original chute design – a head chute impact plate and small rock box spill tray - caused the material to load to one side when the stacker was rotated past 90⁰.

The drop and velocity created from the impact plate caused accelerated top cover wear and gouging to the belt.

The liners on the impact plate and discharge rock box required replacement every 6 weeks leading to a significant parts and labour costs for change outs.

Liner change out frequency: 6 weeks


WEARX designed and installed a WEARBACK® linerless chute which centrally loaded the stacker conveyor in all positions and reduced spillage.

This design also eliminated the direct impact on to the conveyor which significantly reduced the gouging and top cover wear.

Liner change frequency: 20 weeks.