Skirt Seal Increases Wear Life by 400%

Location: Newcastle, New South Wales

Material Handled: Coal

Handling System: Conveyor

Handling Rate: 8500 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


The reversible skirting system used on a belt feeder at a coal port in Newcastle needed rotating every 8 weeks to maintain belt sealing and keep spillage to a minimum.

The skirting system would also wear preferentially over the rollers which made for uneven adjustment and sealing that was difficult to maintain.

Wear life: 16 weeks


WEARX installed a reversible skirting system manufactured from Super Abrasion

Resistant (SAR) 60 rubber.

After 4 weeks it was clear that the new rubber compound was wearing significantly less than the original installation.

After 8 weeks the WEARX system needed only a minor adjustment to the belt to maintain the seal while the original needed rotating.

The WEARX skirting system was eventually turned at 16 weeks and the same cycle occurred on the opposite edge.

Wear life: of 32 weeks.