Secondary Crusher Bin Discharge Chute Redesign

Location: Boddington, Western Australia

Material Handled: Gold

Handling System: Secondary Feeders

Handling Rate: 4800 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


The secondary crusher bin discharge chute was designed with skirt plates that ran parallel with the feeder belt. This allowed rocks to jam and split the feeder belt.

Over 12 months 8 feeder belts were split at a cost of $1 million per belt.

Rubber bonded ceramic liners lasted on average 6 months with heavy parent metal damage to the skirt plates.


WEARX designed and manufactured a self-relieving discharge chute to the feeder belts.

A 27% chromium GRIDLOCK® anti-wash liner package was used in the new chute design increasing liner life to an average of 12 – 18 months.

  • Liner life increased by 300%
  • Zero split belts over 12 months
  • Annual saving of $8 million.