Replaceable Chute System

Location: Orange, NSW

Material Handled: Gold

Handling System: Conveyor

Handling Rate: 4400 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


During the design phase of a large underground gold mine it was identified that in situ chute liner maintenance, due to long downtime hours required, would render the project unprofitable.

A method to replace liners within a 3 – 4 hour shutdown period was required to ensure the project progressed to construction and operation.


WEARX were awarded the design and construct contract for all chutes on this project and to overcome the in situ maintenance issue.

Each of the chute sections (upper and lower) containing liners were made replaceable. Spare sections were also supplied allowing the maintenance team to replace the sections within the 3 – 4 hour time frame and carry out routine liner replacement safely on the ground.

On-ground support cradles for each section were made to provide safe and easy access for maintenance personnel.