Pipes, Bends & Spools

WEARX specialise in the manufacture, improvement and optimisation of pipes, bends and spools used in mining applications. We deliver pipe, bend and spool solutions to mine sites throughout Australia that maximise wear life and minimise maintenance and change-outs.

We manage the pipe, bend and spool manufacturing and maintenance process including initial manufacture, stripping of worn linings, relining, abrasive blasting and protective coating.

Our team, experience and facilities allow us to manufacture and improve pipes of any size, design complexity and quantity. We specialise in the project management of pipe refurbishment for mine sites that significantly improve wear life, reduce downtime and deliver measurable cost savings

Quality Lining Systems

Our extensive material supply provide us with the capability to deliver quality lining systems specifically designed to deliver superior performance. All materials used by WEARX are purchased directly from the manufacturing original equipment manufacturer (OEM). WEARX is not locked in with any particular product and as a result can advise on the best product for the application at competitive pricing through supplier relationships and negotiations due to our large volume usage.

These lining systems include but are not limited to the following:

Cold Bonded

WEARX have the capability for cold glue lining in both chemical and abrasive applications. This is undertaken by highly trained rubber liners with a wealth of knowledge in both our workshops and on site. We consider our systems and people to be industry leaders in this application.

Autoclave Hot Vulcanise

WEARX has two autoclaves in Newcastle, NSW – one of which is one of the largest Autoclaves in Australia. This allows WEARX to deliver hot vulcanised autoclave cured linings for chemical and abrasive applications.

Alumina Ceramic Tile

WEARX ceramic tile pipes and other mining applications. This consists of direct bond and rubber backed products to ensure maximum wear life is achieved. WEARX also use engineered tiles for different applications to ensure pipes are tiled to optimise liner life.

Urethane (Centrifugally or Moulded)

WEARX can supply centrifugally or moulded urethane products to protect pipes, bends and spools from wear. WEARX also has a capacity to applicate spray-one polyuria coatings and we currently have a number of site approved mobile truck mounted reactor units specifically set up for mine site application.

Mine Hose

WEARX has the capability to provide rubber mining hose as well as wear resistant mine hose and ceramic lined hoses for various applications. WEARX can supply any NB (nominal bore) and lengths of rubber hose up to 20m long complete with muff coupling flange connections and this allows for the hose to be cut to size and used for any pipe application during emergencies. All WEARX hoses are manufactured to WEARX specific designs and specifications through a partner manufacturing facility based in Melbourne