LIFTX® is a safe liner lifting tool designed to work specifically with WEARX wear liner systems.

LIFTX® provides a secure connection between a crane, hoist or winch and a liner plate for safe replacement of wear liners. Wear liners are lifted by engaging the lifting bolt with the uniquely designed liner’s slotted hole. The locating boss securely holds the lifting bolt and locking nut in place for precise lifting.

Large wear liners are accommodated for with the LIFTX®’s working load limit (WWL) of 300kg. The steel locking nut secures the lifting bolt for safe and secure lifting.

The LIFTX® offers both safety and time-saving benefits to mining operations throughout Australia and overseas.

LIFTX® eliminates many hazards associated with liner replacement during shutdowns. Mine sites are high-risk work environments and sites strive for zero harm. From experience in working on shutdowns, WEARX personnel understand the risks involved in performing maintenance to equipment in a restricted time period. LIFTX® allows liner replacement to be performed without manual handling and decreases the likelihood of an incident occurring as a result.

LIFTX® also allows wear liners to be installed quicker and more efficiently. By using overhead support, rather than manual handling, liners are easily and systematically installed needing personnel only to supervise, guide and insert bolts after installation. This is beneficial during restricted shutdown periods where maintenance is to be performed efficiently and on time to ensure production targets are met.