Iron Ore Impact Plate Liners

Location: Dampier, Western Australia

Material Handled: Iron Ore

Handling System: Conveyor

Handling Rate: 8000 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


A Western Australian iron ore port’s lining system, used to protect impact plates, suffered from poor wear life and liner utilisation. Liner utilisation was poor due to large sheets being used instead of smaller segmented liners.

Liner wear life: 12 weeks
Material costs per change = $12,000.00 ($52,000.00 per annum)


WEARX designed and installed a modular cast lining system which incorporated corner segments, tapered joints to minimise wash and quench and tempered (Q&T) liners in the non-wear areas. Liner utilisation was significantly improved as the worn liners could be changed and others reutilised.

Liner wear life: 30 weeks (150% improvement)
Material cost per change = $17,500.00 ($29,500.00 per annum) a 43% reduction