Impact Spoon Liner Change Increases Wear Life By 700%

Location: Orange, New South Wales

Material Handled: Copper/Gold

Handling System: Conveyor

Handling Rate: 950 Tonnes per Hour (TPH)


A gold mine installed an impact spoon to an inline transfer using weld-in quench and tempered (Q&T) plate strips as the initial lining material.

The liner system suffered severe localised wear and poor material flow due to corner build up.

Significant shutdown duration was required to cut out the lining system and complete replacement.

Liner change frequency: 1 week
Material cost per change = $2k ($104k per annum)


WEARX designed and installed a modular cast lining system which provided longer wear life.

Large radius corner liners eliminated corner build up and improved discharge to the outgoing conveyor.

All components were now bolted not welded. Standard liners were used on the walls minimising foundry pattern costs and providing continuity of supply.

Liner change frequency: 7 weeks (an increase in wear life by 700%)
Material cost per change = $8k ($59k per annum) a 44% reduction