Cyclone Clusters

WEARX deliver the complete cyclone cluster improvement package to ensure cyclones clusters perform more efficiently and wear life is significantly increased.  


Our team inspect each element of a cyclone cluster to understand the application and wear materials needed to produce the best result. After inspection our team develop lining system improvements that will outperform current materials used.

We offer material trials to ensure the suggested material outperforms other linings used.

Lining Selection

Our team choose the best lining system for the application. These often consist of

  • Rubber lining (hot and cold) integrated with different compounds to enhance wear life
  • Rubber bolt-in panels
  • Cast ceramic inserts
  • Engineered ceramic tiles
  • Polyurethane

WEARX’s internal design and engineering team design lining systems which are then manufactured by WEARX and applied to cyclone clusters.

Shutdown Services, Rotables & Refurbishments

Our site services team are experienced in providing quality workmanship and fast turnaround during shutdown periods. WEARX perform installation of rotable spares and refurbish worn lining systems for the next change-out.