I Can See You're Certified,
But So What?

“What is the point of an ISO9001 accreditation?”  This was one of several similar questions in first page of google search results. To break it down, the ISO9001 is Quality Management Systems certification that guides organisations through 8 keys principles:

  • Continual Improvement
  • Process Approach
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of People
  • Customer Focus
  • System Approach
  • Fact-Base Decision Making
  • Collectively Beneficial Supplier Relationships

Overall, ISO9001 Quality Management Systems ensures organisations meet customer and legal requirements (Bureau Veritas, 2016), which is a highly attractive trait for customers when they are evaluating a company to conduct business with.


The British Assessment Bureau (TBAB) mentioned earlier this year, many companies scramble to quickly obtain a low cost ISO9001 certification for marketing purposes and to look attractive to outsiders.

Whilst this may work in the short term, TBAB go on to mention that not all ISO9001 certifications are balanced, and more specifically in Europe, these certifications are only accepted by the government back United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

In short some businesses that try to short cut and grab a quick certification from an unaccredited body, may be left with worthless paper.


So how do we know who’s is hot and who’s is not? Brian Miller (2007 Director of Certification for AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction) mentions that AISC and ISO programs in America are required annually to go through performance-based audits to ensure they are complying with the standards criteria. This annual review keeps the accreditor accredited, and up to date with delivering a high-quality ISO certification content program for any organisation.

WEARX chooses to be accredited by Bureau Veritas, whom hold 60+ accreditations to deliver certifications in Africa, America, APAC (Asia-Pacific), and Europe. We believe being accredited by an organisation that has this level of authorization allows WEARX’s ISO9001 Quality Management System to be placed and kept to the highest standard, as the accreditor has all the right accreditations globally.

So the next time your supplier flashes an ISO9001 certification, ask them where it came from.