Process of Improvement - How we do Business

We differentiate ourselves by offering a
continuous and holistic wear solution
known as our ‘Process of Improvement’.

This process ensures wear solutions are continually improved as new wear technologies are researched and developed.
Through this process, WEARX is able to meet the ever changing needs and demands placed on mining operations.

Our Process


Our experienced personnel audit site conditions to understand the wear issues experienced and where improvement can be achieved.

Data is collected including equipment design, wear materials used, wear rates, maintenance schedules and processing information.


The data collected during the site audit is reviewed by WEARX’s design and engineering, technology and innovation, and improvement teams to develop solutions that will achieve site needs.


Through consultation with site, a solution is developed that will maximise plant availability, minimise downtime, improve safety & deliver measurable cost savings.

This is achieved through WEARX’s design and engineering, manufacturing and site services capabilities.


The solution is then implemented on site by WEARX’s engineers, site services team and improvement team.


WEARX monitor the solution through site visits and frequent consultation with site staff. Wear rates, availability and site feedback is monitored and measured over a set period of time to ensure the solution delivers on the planned results.


Using the data collected through monitoring, WEARX can repeat the POI process to make further improvements and achieve greater results.


At the core of all our solutions is improving safety on mine sites by minimising personnel to risk.

This is achieved by

  • Increasing availability by minimising the hours of maintenance required
  • Removing or reducing exposure to confined spaces
  • Minimising manual handling
  • Ease of wear part removal and replacement

Some examples of our safety improving solutions include

Wet & Dry Plant Solutions

Unlike other mining services companies, WEARX has the capability to service the whole mining operations
from crushing to refining, and from Wet Plant to Dry Plant.  

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

WEARX is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We manage the solution process from the concept and design stage through to manufacturing and installation on site.

Our experience with working on mine sites throughout Australia and overseas and our experience in refurbishing and upgrading other OEM products has provided our team with insight into best design and practice. This allows us to manufacture quality and innovative mining equipment that delivers results.

WEARX custom design and manufacture solutions that optimise operations and deliver measurable cost savings. See our solutions for more information our OEM capabilities.


WAMSKIRT® WAMSKIRT® is an externally manageable conveyor skirting and sealing […]

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Technology Development

WEARX is committed to developing new technology and innovative wear materials that deliver improvements in availability and maintenance while reducing operational costs.

Through our hand-ons experience we ensure that all technological development not only delivers maximum value to mining operations but also designed to improve maintainability, access, safety and environmental conditions.

Patented Technology

By following the WEARX Process of Improvement, our team have developed innovative solutions identified through this process. These designs are patented and trademarked by WEARX. Some examples include:



We strive to collaborate with industry, leading research bodies and academic institutions to assist us in developing and testing new technologies in real life applications.
WEARX is currently collaborating with